moonshot projects

these are coaching highlights for final projects in the tks innovate accelerator. find radical solutions to huge problems using exponential technology.


why do we need moonshots?

  • exponential technology and science ahs the potential to be a 10x multipler for the future, but we need clear visions for what is enabled while identifiying technical hurdles to unlock

my role as a coach included

  • managing 44 teams in two person team during a 4+ week sprint for creating hypotheses to create a 10x better future
  • delivering four 3 hour sessions on problem identification, vision and culture setting, moonshot mindsets, and project management
  • giving 120+ hours giving feedback and designing a master class in branding

featured projects

check out final presentations from the top teams

firefly prevents wildfires by identifying and putting out ignited spots within under an hour using drones and sound

likhagen is creating a world without limits by re-growing limbs with carbon nanotubes and mesenchymal stem cells.

macula x reimagines the future of protein imagining for alzhemier therapeutics using nanopore sequencing

virax uses engineered m13 viruses and carbon nanotubes to make a biological battery.

apollo uses quantum dots for a targeted leukemia treatment.

anaxa explores how to developing quantum iot devices with network infrastructure.

storix has a vision to use DNA to create next generation data storage.

  • team: alex, henry, timucin
  • content: website

neurojoy wants to create a world with no more depression with electromagnetic nanoparticles.

  • team: mikey, faith, alyssa
  • content: blog

what success looks like

1. moonshot idea: solves an important problem OR enables an interesting future. 

2. technical depth: technology/science gap is between 2-5 years from being closed. It might be unlikely to build right now, but should be feasible soon. explain how it will work in detail and show evidence to suggest that it could be feasible. show research and mock-ups.

3. economic incentives: the company can't be a charity. there must be a market hypothesis for who pays and why.

4. legit branding: the company name, design, and feel should be legit. be intentional about the brand will be perceived by potential hires, customers, and investors.

recognizing what good looks like

explore moonshot mindsets

post mortem

what i would keep doing

what i would do differently

resources to explore

making moonshot by rahul rahana

as an early stage deep tech investor, rahul explore differnet tactical perspectives and philosophies on how to invest in larger breakthroughs in science and technology. check out the book →

moonshots: creating a world of abundance by naveen jain

as a founder and investor, naveen reveals a creative take on questioning fundamental industries that have seen little change in the last 30 years, including space tech, education, and healthcare. check out the book →

astro teller on innovation at singularity university

this youtube video covers strategic functions of innovation as it relates to starting new projects and building a culture of doing the hard things. check out the youtube video →

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