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on this page you'll get to

  1. meet me through a few of my values
  2. see a more coffee side narrative than story of accomplishments
  3. check in on my current focus

my core values

high standards

  • i constantly hold myself and others, who so chose, to strive towards being the exception.
  • high standards are teachable, domain specific, and require realistic expectations.
  • the ironic thing is low standards are just as contagious, but to maintain high standards requires more active mindset.

more in the 2018 letter to amazon shareholders →

creative collaboration

  • having a twin biases me to shared space, constantly pushing me to seek meaningful relationships.
  • i also think the myth of the lone genius needs to be rewritten. everything worth doing requires a team.
  • im curious what high performance looks like as a multiplayer game across all areas of life.

it starts as a single player game →

relentlessly resourceful

  • i'm curious with how to create more with less. i do not let immediate resoures limit what's possible.
  • everything i've done so far going 0 to 1 has had more reasons not to exist than to exist.
  • with an ownership mindset, i dedicate myself to the commitments i make.

the case for seriousness when building

overview of my story

quick intro

architecture school @ cornell

design engineering @ harvard

first real failed startup @ culinary ai labs

tks director in boston, and then global virtual

up next - something new.

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