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transhumanism v superhumanism


talking with an early stage deep tech founder on problems worth solving.

going to mars and building space technology compared to earthshots and solving problems we face on this planet is what transhumanism is to me as it relates to human development.

i know it’s a clear vision to help align ambitious people. with that concentration of investment and development, there will be technology trickle down (like starlink internet, insulation, water filters, and more).

for me, i feel more connected to challenges that face humans individually and as a species before moving beyond our biological limits. for instance, understanding epigenetic factors of aging and how yamanaka factors might be able to help reprogram different cell and tissue systems to be younger is more pressing for me than exporting our consciousness into hard drives.

another example is questioning what role will big data will play in helping us collectively and individually understand precursors to health outcomes (ex. whoop doing large scale studies in understanding covid from respiratory rates v. neurallink pushing bci impants for human machine merging).

outside of that, i wonder being ambitious, why are personal upgrades and areas of growth still manual?

  • my phone gets an operating system upgrade, and all i get is new apps to try, most trying to grab my data or my attention.
  • cars, like teslas, now get feature upgrades for pushing the edge of self driving, and i still don’t have ways to self drive into a high performing sleep schedule with wind down and wake up schedule.
  • my computer gets better at connecting to new devices and sensors,

yet, i’m stuck manually navigating what make sense for me year over year, blocking bugs in my own operating systems for way my phone does not work for me (blocking notifications, newsfeed blockers, and blocking entire addictive sites), and manually overriding previous habits (working with a coach, and building personal operating system).

both can exist simultaneously, as there is plenty to build across both areas. i find myself more in the camp of making sure human potential isn’t the biggest wasted resource of the 21st century because of outdated education systems, and lack of personal upgrades. so rather than move beyond human capability in transhumanism, i’m curious what super-humanism looks like, to augment and accelerate what is already there.

i also wonder what motivations draw the curiosity of one person one way v. another.

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