tks transition (letter)


written at the end of an era, sharing reasons for decision and intentions while in columbus, ohio work booth, post call with twin as she beat me to updating family.

hi fam,

nicole shared the good news before i fully get to.

good news! finished up tks year with a fun set of projects and challenge. working on a new personal website and documenting top work from this year here.

great news! it was a long and hard decision, but over the last few months decided to move beyond the director role tks after this year's closing.

i'll be working with satya, on practice, a coaching startup for founders and investors. you can think of it like tks but for adults.

why the switch up?

  1. irl > url. im looking for more in person interactions and opportunities and practice is based locally where we're focused on sf market to start.
  2. time to build for the future, and continue to build bridges my past self. it's been amazing working with the young people in tks and the team, and at the end of it, i feel like i built what i wish i had 10 years ago. now i want to build 10 years in the future, and be around people working on global challenges and deep tech full time.
  3. i felt constrained by the schedule of tks. it's a very demanding role and took a majority of the weekend, which actually wasn't much of problem in boston. it was fun to plug into other cities and ecosystems. the major differnce is the community in sf. a majority of the people im around work hard 6/7 days a week and take saturday as the main day off. i now feel like im missing more of the opportunity to be present with new backdrop.

plus, i've been itchy to be in an environment to build as a co-founder with a full commitment and more ownership, as it feels like something i can't not do. im so happy tks is in a place of scaling and maturing as an org, and im excited to jump back into a team going 0 to 1.

with finances straightened out and watching practice starting to get traction the last few months, it seems like a good time for the transition.

my next 30 days:

more on practice, and other updates soon. warmly, michael

ps. updating the rest of the family now! it wasn't a secret, i was just heads down trying to finish the program and then properly get ready for the transition in the last 6 weeks.

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