plus, minus, neutral


written at the end of a bio themed dinner connecting over how important relationships are in a founder's journey.

the sharpest founders i know all recognize the power of relationships, and i appreciate this one 🧠 mental model i learned this week: plus, minus, and neutral ➕🟣➖ ➕ plus - someone who is 5-10 years ahead of you, with a pull to leave a good impression and be worth their time as you figure out what and how you're building. it's usually bread crumbs from your future self. could be an advisor, investor, mentor, or coach. one good place to find breadcrumb's is this youtube channel with life principles from different ambitious people like vinod khosla. 🟣 neutral - peers who are same level as you that can push with lateral feedback and experience alongside the same steps of the journey. this one is a great mirror for blind spots or growing self awareness. ➖ minus - someone a few years behind you, with clarifying questions and shared values it ends up feeling likep helping your younger self, but also clarifies present thinking with an eager curiosity.

amazing thing is it can happen at any age - ex. it's fun to see tks alumni like valkyrie give back with open 1-1s and mentoring for those 1-2 years right behind her journey. practice: and if you're looking at the above and missing inventory in one of the areas, my recommendation is 📆 block 2-3 hrs a week just to meet new people. commiting to it for 3 months can help stretch future possibilities for future self.

ps. each has it's own use case

➕ = interesting hard earned insights from experience 🟣 = feedback from current conditions and similar blockers ➖ = really great questions

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