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in talking with a biomed founder, one mindset that was key to their journey was šŸ§  permissionless action. as a founder, building + testing an MVP is a permissionless act. no one asks for something to be made better. also, going into a new industry with a beginners mind rather than the PhD is another permissionless action. it's been a few weeks now, and i can't stop thinking about how good of a mindset that is šŸ‘€ it's an unlock to move passed other people's assumed authority over what you could do, or to move beyond internal limiting beliefs of what you tell yourself you can do. admiral grace hopper said it best, "it's better to ask forgiveness than permission." she means it's better to do the right thing without getting the thumbs up from above if you're in a large organization because the delay on consensus could ruin the opportunity. ā˜ ļø it's funny because we've been trained in school to wait for permission for everything: - taking specific classes are permissions to what to study (not your own curiosity) - grades are permissions for what to write or what is wrong determining how learning games are played (not in your understanding, experimenting, nor results) - even credentials are permissions for who you can be (not self awareness in understanding what you want) permissions become roadblocks rather than fuel for learning journeys. a deeper dive in this mindset led me through the lens of depth psychology. it's interesting that our main hero cognitive function, tends to write our own internal permissions for the models of the world and our leading actions from our strength. for example, meeting a billionaire scientist at a conference: - an ENTP, leading with extraverted intuition, can make up a ruse on the spot of being an influential journalist to ask a few questions that could lead into a great conversation, irregardless of their influence or journalistic background. they are excited to test what's possible. - as an INFJ, that's the last thing i would do. the distortion of the truth hurts me to my bones... and my introverted intuition, leads me to process their talk or perspective inwardly. but, seeing that action, changes what's possible from my permissions. i see the seamless act of testing how the outer world works, and i intergrate it with my own understanding. introverted intuition would lead me to come up with core questions im curious about hearing their perspective about, and i'd be curious to test it immediately rather than think about it. practicing permissionless action is inevitable when building something new but also pivotal to living an authentic life as no one will give you permission for you to figure out what doing things your way means. if you made it this far, it's worth taking time to think: what is one thing you are waiting permission for that you could be acting on instead right now?

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