deep tech book circle


enjoying the chance to nerd out over what's being read and having other founders to join.

i like moving beyond 📕book clubs and into 📚 book circles, where everyone shares what they're reading and why it matters to them.

that way the group can go beyond everyone thinking the same thing, reading the same pace, and falling into group think.

^ this format especially works well with founders.

yesterday, in 1 hour, we had 5 founders share and discuss these books (attached) in this format (below) 1/ round table intros with book + context on why that books matters to you right now 2/ teach one idea from the book and share example of how applying it

3/ discussion of connected ideas through socratic questioning (this was one of the juicest parts, as there was even connection between books).

if you're a curious founder and want to join the next one, comment below. hosting monthly irl in sf. and if hit tipping point may host url digitally.

if you liked this, have feedback, or more resources to share, send me a note.

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